Document Vault

This is where documents obtained from the government via our FOIA requests will be made available to the public in their raw form.  For original NSC works, please click the NSC Publications tab.

Note: Many of NSC's FOIA requests are made simultaneously to multiple agencies as part of an overall research strategy.  As was done on the FOIA Requests page, documents received via these cross-agency requests are cataloged by theme and not agency.

Cross-Agency Requests:
  • FOIA and Mandatory Declassification Review Requests Referred to the Central Intelligence Agency by Other Governmental Agencies
  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Warrants
  • Historical FOIA Requests 
    • Defense Intelligence Agency 
      • Fifty oldest open FOIA requests
        • There are actually only 48 requests represented here, because the DIA has lost the original request letters for two requests (one from the National Security Archive and the other from Michael Ravnitzky), and the records it provided to NSC were not useful. 
  • Records Control Schedules for Government-wide Privacy Act Record System OPM/GOVT-5
  • State Secrets Privilege Policies and Guidelines
    • Department of Justice
    Discrete Requests (by agency):


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